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Prime Strategy Consulting provides clients with a comprehensive range of business communications and media services. These range from strategy and campaign development, through to full rollout and programme implementation.

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Media Coaching

Strategies & tactics for effective media handling.

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Specialist editorial services

Use our writing, editing, proofreading and consulting services to increase the impact of your business communications and publishing projects. Prime Strategy Consulting works with you to improve sales and marketing documentation, media and analyst documents, investor communication and policy material.

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Media Coaching

Learn the keys to successfully handling the media and maximising media opportunities when they arise.

Key topics include:

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Media Strategy

Media strategy development: Helping organisations scope out and evaluate the commercial opportunities that new publishing initiatives might present, including feasibility analysis, target markets, circulation and potential readership, projected return on investment, cost of capital recovery etc. Provide business and media analysis for new print and online publication opportunities, including the best channels for internal and external communications to a myriad of corporate stakeholders. For example, should we set up a regular newsletter to key interest groups, and what about internal staff, what's the best way to keep in-touch with them etc..? Much of this strategy development is done on a project-by-project basis with specific measurable at key points.

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Business communications

Any number of ongoing or one-off communications projects that help an organisation deliver key messages to its most critical target audiences. For example, a publicity programme around a staged event or a business communications campaign in response to an internal crisis or a series of industry-related events that impact both on customers and employees. Image building exercise in response to new product launches, restructuring or a corporate merger.

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Issues management

Any number of business communications programmes from crisis management (in response to unforeseen events), advocacy programmes in support of industry reforms at the state or federal level, through to community relations programmes designed to align the organisation closer to the communities it operates within.

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Reputation management

Any number of print and or other events that help to raise the company's reputation in the eyes of key stakeholders on an issue-by-issue basis.

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Newsletter development

Scoping the right strategy (ie online, or in print) for communicating with both key internal and external stakeholders, and then proceeding to implement said programmes.

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Magazine launch/re-launch

Scoping the right strategy (ie online, or in print) for new magazine launches, including competitor and feasibility analysis, correct channel to market, programmed implementation & appropriate resourcing - ie staffing and production requirements.

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Publicity campaign development

Developing publicity campaigns as a prelude to staged events or in response to corporate activity or industry developments that may adversely impact on the organisation and its stakeholders over the longer-term.

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Website media strategy

Evaluating online opportunities and their ability to deliver to longer-term objectives, eg website development as a channel for communication to a myriad of stakeholders.

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Community consultation programs

Specific community-related programmes that deal to local issues as a result of the organisation's dealing in or around the vicinity. These could be of particular relevance to resource stocks that are operating within remote locations, especially where there are native title and/or environmental considerations.

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Investor relations programmes

Identify what key financial messages need to be communicated to what stakeholders (including brokers and the financial media), when and in what level of detail, and in a way that doesn't compromise compliance issues or the right of shareholders to be notified before the market at large. Especially important around annual reporting season or in response to corporate activity that requires a note to exchange for publicly listed organisations.

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Journalist and editor recruitment

Head-hunting service to help you find the right editorial and or production staff to meet the demands of the roles that need filling within your organisation.

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New media feasibility studies

Scoping studies that identify publishing opportunities, competitor analysis, budgetary projections, and launch feasibility.

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Stakeholder values/needs analysis

An assessment of the differing needs and expectations that differing stakeholders have of the organisation. Especially important for organisations within the resources sector that are planning mine-site closure, mothball or longer term mine-site shut down with a view to exiting the community once and for all. This could include preliminary assessment of the direct and indirect impact of mine-site shut down on the broader community. It could also require an assessment of the involvement organisations should have in providing sustainable employment after the event or reparation of land around the closed minesite back to its former condition.

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Audit your business communications

Was producing and writing last year's annual report a major head ache that ended up looking like a dog's breakfast?

Do your media releases, newsletters & other written material capture anyone's attention & for the right reasons?

If the written material you send out is less than flattering to your organisation, you probably need to find out:

Effective communications

Paying attention to editorial quality within your organisation's written material will improve your overall image, help you attract new customers, and alleviate miscommunications - so it can't be left in the hands of the incompetent or inexperienced.

We have the solution

Our forte is delivering the highest quality corporate writing, copy-editing, media-training and media consulting services for companies, in the resources, technology, financial, professional services sectors and beyond - from brochures to websites, newsletters, magazines, media releases, through to executives' speeches, and even tender documents. Our ability to combine journalistic objectivity with industry knowledge and analysis will ensure your written material is relevant and engaging.

Proven record

We have a proven record in delivering effective and distinctive copy for a range of industry organisations from like AMEC, APPEA, Austrade - mining explorers like, Metallica Minerals, Darwin Clean Fuels, Trafford Resources, Carpenter Pacific, Central Petroleum, Stuart Petroleum and Nuenco Ltd - through to multinational firms like Dell, Air New Zealand, Oracle, Microsoft, Sitel, Waste Management and IIR. Finished material is only presented to you after it's been meticulously edited and proofread to ensure your copy it's not only polished, but clean and correct.

Media consulting

Prime Strategy Consulting complements its editorial capabilities with strategic advice on media and business communication strategy, marketing and public relations messaging, style guides and a host of associated services - including end-to-end custom publishing services spanning electronic and paper-based newsletters, full-colour magazines, annual reports, other corporate documents, CD-ROMs and websites. Backed by high production values, creativity and discipline in meeting deadlines, our custom publishing services are robust and flexible enough to fulfill any agenda.

How we can help

The price for not having a well though out media strategy is often an inability to effectively communicate key messages. So why risk being perceived as sloppy, careless and unprofessional with your business communications just because you don't have experienced media professionals on staff?

Let us turn your company's information into professional documents, from case studies, media releases, newsletters, magazines, website content, speeches and presentations though to marketing copy, prospectuses and annual reports.

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Contact us for full details on our scope of services, or if you would like advice on what sort of services may meet your requirements.

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