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Prime Strategy Consulting offers a no-nonsense, personable and highly spirited insight into the tactics and strategies needed by your organisation's key spokespeople to effectively communicate key messages to a range of internal and external stakeholders.

Underpinning the contribution we can make to your media handling and external communications ability is the credibility and integrity we've developed within the world of media over many years.

This experience underscores the meaningful insights CEOs and senior management will receive into what they're doing wrong, the best way to approach their media engagements, and how they can add more value to all their interactions with stakeholders.

Three options

Here are three media coaching packages to match your company's time constraints, level of interest or budget:

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Our media coaching philosophy

The role media plays in taking your organisation's key messages out into the market place is more important than ever. Sadly though, many directors, CEOs and their senior management are still being left behind in the business communications stakes. Why? They've simply never bothered to grasp and implement fundamental guidelines to successfully handling media. Prime Strategy Consulting wants to ensure your company isn't one of them.

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Lost opportunities

Too few organisations recognise that the table-stakes for good media handling and disclosure have gone-up in an age of greater compliance and more intense public scrutiny. Poor media handling, whether it's through a CEO being unprepared for an interview or insincere attempts to put a spin on a negative announcement represent lost opportunities. While the impact of sloppy media handling isn't always immediately apparent, it's often the company's overall reputation that's tarnished over time.

Smaller companies are usually the least likely to have good media strategy. But the assumption that big businesses are always sophisticated enough to enhance their public profile is often wrong. While all CEOs and company directors should be media trained, it's painfully clear this isn't the case.

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Does it really matter?

Absolutely, there's a price to be paid for not having a well thought out media strategy. Media is often the front-line in a mounting wall of public scrutiny and regulatory compliances, whether you're a listed company or not. That's why it's important to work alongside journalists, reporters and their editors rather than see them as arch enemies or at best a necessary evil.

Casualties of poor media handling litter the corporate landscape. Companies that bother to practise excellent governance but then fail to tell the world how and why, also fail to capitalise on golden opportunities to enhance their public profile (and often at little additional cost). This is where insightful media coaching & training adds significant value. Through the right media coaching and mentoring, companies can learn how to maximise value when dealing with the media and developing communications strategies that deliver on stated outcomes.

Contact us for full details on our scope of services, or if you would like advice on what sort of services may meet your requirements.

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