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Become A Freelance Writer

Would mastering the art of writing enhance your standing within your profession?

If the answer is yes, here's the book Mark Story wrote just for you.

The Insider's Guide To FreelanceJournalism & Writing:
Discover your inner scribe & write articles publishers will gladly buy

Why I wrote this book?

Sound writing and communication skills are a minimum entry level for most business professionals these days. Writing opportunities - whether it's contributing columns, technical articles or opinion-pieces to industry journals or mainstream media - can enhance your standing and kudos amongst your peers while earning you money.

Do your have the capability to capitalise on writing opportunities today?

Most people have the latent ability to write effectively. But what they often lack is the key to unleashing the scribe within them. I got so fed-up explaining to friends the secrets to writing articles or business columns that I decided to put it all the answers into one concise book. It's contains everything the journalism schools won't tell you about making it in the "real world" of publishing as a freelance writer/journalist. The book's rare insights into the best kept secrets all high-flying freelancers hold close to their chest will help fast-track your career as a freelance journalist/writer, without incurring the pitfalls most beginners make.

The lessons, strategies, and tactics contained within my book are based on my experiences working on well over 50 publications across three continents. As well as maximising your opportunities to make money selling your articles, my book shows you how to run it as a proper business and how to handle yourself throughout the process.

Who should buy The Insider's Guide To Freelance Journalism and Writing?

It's dedicated to anyone wanting to learn the tricks to selling their articles to editors and publishers the world over. It's equally applicable to industry professionals (for example, engineers, lawyers or business consultants), a busy "working" mum looking for some extra spending cash, as it is for a student looking to pay their way through university or even someone wanting to write about their last skiing holiday in the travel section of their local daily newspaper.

The hallmarks of achievement as a commercially successful freelance journalist/writer are universally applicable whether you live in the UK, Australia, the United States, New Zealand, Guam, Singapore, Canada or basically anywhere else in the free-world (where freedom of the press is practised and respected).

What will you learn?

As a "how-to" book, I draw on my own experiences, where relevant, to illustrate the points I need to get across. But for legal reasons, references to specific publishers and editors have been left out of this book. There are many things you must understand and embrace if you are going to survive and succeed as either a staff writer or freelance journalist/writer. It's important to understand how the freelance game is played within the "real world" of publishing. This book will equip you with the "terms of engagement" required to operate as a successful freelance journalist/writer.


Chapter one: Getting started
Chapter two: Stepping out into the real world
Chapter three: The art of survival
Chapter four: Useful exercises
Chapter five: The business of being a self-employed journalist
Chapter Six: Putting your business in the street
Chapter Seven: Working from home
Chapter Eight: Interview techniques
Chapter Nine: Sentence construction
Chapter Ten: Pitching your story ideas
Chapter Eleven: You are your own brand
Chapter Twelve: Answers to frequently asked questions
Chapter Thirteen: Useful tips for freelancers
Chapter Fourteen: Frequently used terms
Chapter Fifteen: A proper brief
Chapter sixteen: Recommended ethics for journalists

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Like what you here?

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